Jessica Collins, The Pink Haired Oils Lady

Jessica Collins, known in most circles as The Pink Haired Oils Lady, is a wife, a naturally minded homesteading and homeschooling mother of 5, ranging from 16 to 8 years old. One of her daughters has some severe special needs, and her birth and subsequent struggles led Jessica to REALLY research what she was using for her family’s health and wellness products, and personal and cleaning needs. When she saw the immense benefits that the products and methods she was using was providing for her family, she just couldn’t keep the good news to herself! She has a passion for helping families to NOT have to make any ‘either/or’ choices, and to keep their families healthy, and their budgets intact! Come to one of Jessica’s fun and informative (and usually witty) classes to learn what YOUR either/or choices are, and how to have the best of BOTH worlds!

Jessica’s Services:

  • Service 1: 1 Hour for $