90 min Svaroopa Yoga by Robin Blankenship
16 Aug 10:00 AM
Until 16 Aug, 11:30 AM 1h 30m

90 min Svaroopa Yoga by Robin Blankenship

This is a slower-paced 90min. yoga, providing deep and organic spinal realignment.  Our poses are precise and compassionate.  Your teacher personalizes the poses for your needs and abilities, using props, alignments and adjustments to help you get the most out of your class. You get rapid physical improvements - no sweat!  Deep healing as well as renewed energy, strength and flexibility - it's all noticeable after your first class.

These poses dissolve the deepest layers of your physical tensions. This gives you instantaneous relief from most aches and pains.  It’s simple yet profound.  You learn how to melt away the years and the scars at the same time. You unravel your mental and emotional tangles.

Every pose is customized to your individual needs, so you get maximum benefit in the shortest time.

Based on spinal decompression, we use precise alignments to create an inner opening from tail to top. It redefines strength, giving you stamina and vitality through releasing deep tensions and recapturing your essential aliveness.  $24/pp Register at Nityaayoga@gmail.com

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