4 Peace Sake Wellness Center

4 Peace Sake

Wellness Center

Helping People feel better by providing diverse Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit in an atmosphere that encourages, supports, and builds Community.





We offer Foot, Hand & Ear Reflexology Sessions as well as foot soaks—a great compliment to a Foot Reflexology Session. Foot and Hand Reflexology sessions include hot towels, and essential oils can be incorporated at request.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

The scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of normalizing those tissues and consists of manual techniques that include applying fixed or movable pressure, holding, and/or causing movement of or to the body.

Wholistic Exercise
Wholistic Exercise

Wholistic Exercise

Our RunFitYoga classes include core and body work, workouts with weights and running training. All classes are scalable to the individual's level of fitness. It helps you meet your goals, stay injury free and have more enjoyment with movement.



A discipline which includes breath control, stretching and a variety of bodily postures that enable the individual to combine strength and recovery into one activity. Come join us in discovering a meditation of body, breath and mind.

4 Peace Sake Wellness Center Regularly Offers Community Classes, Workshops, Retreats and Clinics. Call Today to Learn More!


Lissette Perry opened 4 Peace Sake as a platform in which to serve the Community at large with the sharing of the gift of Reflexology. We soon found a space that can house other like-minded holistic modalities & Therapists that also provide Wellness of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Here at 4 Peace Sake Wellness Center we offer Reflexology of Feet, Hands & Ears, Foot Soaks, Massage Therapy, RunFitYoga, Stretching, Meditation, and Essential Oils.

We are building a Community that embraces all of our unique qualities and needs of Body, Mind & Spirit here in Marietta. We are located by the Marietta Square with Ample FREE Parking, in a House that feels peaceful, comfortable, and safe.

Here all are seen, valued, embraced, and met right where they are. We are all uniquely and wonderfully made. Every day and in numerous moments of the day, our needs will change. We all seek Peace and Ease within and that isn't often a simple task. Here at 4 Peace Sake Wellness Center we can start to peel back the layers and take in a deep breathes towards Ease.


Lissette Perry, Reflexologist

Lissette is a Wife, Mother to 4 Beautiful Daughters, Peaceful Prayer Warrior and a Certified Reflexologist by The American Reflexology Certification Board. In High School and College, Lissette studied Nursing and Pharmaceuticals. She soon realized at 21 years of age that her health was asking for a more Holistic and preventative approach to wellness and she has immersed herself in holistic and preventative care ever since. In 2005, she pursued the study of Reflexology as a Calling at The Heal Center in Atlanta and founded her practice in her hometown, Marietta, Georgia.

In her words, “My personal passion is to help people feel seen and feel appreciated. It thrills me to make personal connections with the beautiful souls on my path. I have the pleasure to work with like-minded Therapists and Fitness Instructors at 4 Peace Sake Wellness Center where we provide diverse wellness for every-body.”

Isabella Lacy, Message Therapist

Isabella, LMT, is the owner of Massage Tres Belle. She is 23, Married, a dog Momma, a Christian, and a lover of people. She has been practicing massage therapy for two years and specializes in prenatal massage. Isabella is currently studying to become a Certified CranioSacral therapist through the Upledger Institute and hopes to form an integrative approach to helping her clients achieve wellness.

Lisa Weinert, Personal Trainer/Yoga Instructor

Lisa is better known as the “Wellness Diva.” She brings the RunFitYoga program to our community as a unique combination of cardio, strength training, and stretching for all levels of fitness. As creator of RunFitYoga, Lisa has been into fitness for over 40 years and is an ultra-runner, yoga lover and workout fan. Her certifications include: Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Running Coach, Trigger Point foam roller instructor, and Functional Movement Assessment coach. Her passion is to help people move past obstacles and reach their goals.

Aaron Brooks Pareigis, Yoga Instructor

Aaron’s journey with yoga began with the body. He was looking for a way to improve his practice of meditation and prayer; Step 11 of the 12 Step programs. In his words, “I stumbled into a Hot Vinyasa class at my local yoga studio and realized the breathing techniques I learned, using the meditation apps Headspace and Calm, were the same breath techniques being cued in class. I had discovered a meditation of body, breath and mind.”

Additionally, having studied and practiced strategic intervention, 12 Step, and Stoic Philosophy, he noticed that Asana (yoga's physical postures) combined with breath were having a positive impact on his THINKING. He discovered that he could combine all that he had learned outside yoga with the body to help him with his inner struggle.

Aaron took his 200HR YTT at BeYoga, Marietta GA. After reading "The Bhagavad Gita According to Gandhi", the personal commentary on the "Gita" by Mohandas K. Gandhi, he realized he had finally found what he had been looking for. In his words, “My original purpose for starting a yoga practice, a personal connection with the Divine, the God of my understanding. Additionally, I finally knew WHERE to look; WITHIN.” His certifications include: 200HR YTT from BeYoga Atlanta, 21HR TT at Yin Yoga, and 23HR TT from Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

Here all are seen, valued, embraced, and met right where they are. We are all uniquely and wonderfully made.



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